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This is me - Guy Mizrachy.


A multidisciplinary designer from Tel-Aviv, Israel, holding a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Graphic design from Shenkar College, Israel.

Working as a professional problem-solver designer for the past 12 years and specializing in various design disciplines.


Artist of Mekomi  - Urban Storyline, telling the story of cities and people's journeys through architecture and landscapes. 


Owner and founder of Red Thread Bag, a new backpack brand, bringing the old school into the modern unique.


Head of design for Chef Eyal Shani's brands in the US and global market.


Currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York.


For any question you have in mind, you can contact me at

or using the automated form. See you soon!

Looking forward!

@ All rights reserved to Guy Mizrachy. 2024

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