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This is Guy. Visualizer. Dreamer. Designer. Some would say, minimalist. Zealous to fine details. He likes to draw a line but has no limits. He admires quality, so he incorporates it into his works, no compromises.


Guy was born in Jerusalem, Israel and moved to Tel-Aviv at that age people move to the big city. Pursuing his dream to turn his imagination into a craft, he went to study in Israel's most prestigious design school, Shenkar, starting with architecture and interior design and quickly moving to visual communications and graphic design. School took him on a digital journey through graphics, while his love for classic workmanship remained.


It was when he later moved to awe-inspiring New York City that Guy’s gusto pushed him to go back to his dearest and wildest ideas. Combining his passion for industrial and graphic design, sewing skills his grandmother taught him and with his zest for modern fashion, Guy took an old-school drawstring bag and turned it into a contemporary version formed as Red Thread Bag.


Guy’s pioneering idea was to form a newly designed drawstring bag with a neat basic shape as the outside shell, along with reused leather he carefully cut from second-hand coats, while the interior is a playful, surprising and inspirational print. Each Red Thread Bag is a one-off bag born in Guy’s studio space in Bushwick, Brooklyn and named after a Brooklyn street/neighborhood. He picks different fabrics from various places and fuses them into one unique bag so when you have it, you are the only one who does. This was his way to conceive an intimate moment, allowing a little secret to evolving in each bag he creates.


Red Thread Bag is a New York based studio located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, founded by graphic designer Guy Mizrachy in 2015. 

Red Thread Bag introduces hand made one-off bags to the world with high attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, and inspirational simplicity.

We believe that each one of us has his/her own personality and style. That we, as individuals, want to create a full image of ourselves constructed out of unique and special apparel and accessories. We watch fashion moving forward and we follow it, taking the streetwear on an innovative and sporty new path.

Each one of our bags is exclusive and made of handpicked fabrics and combinations. Our bags have a contemporary and fresh vibe, with fun prints to make you smile. They are made of various high-quality materials, such as cotton, canvas and reused leather and suede. Our designs use hardware materials and utility fabrics while creating a clean, sophisticated design. And just like you, every bag is unique and has its own name.


We love well-made bags, but, ideally, bags you can actually live in. We believe your bag should carry your moments and stories with it, as it changes with you over time. Your Red Thread Bag is not just your bag, it is your own unique statement and expression.

We will be happy to be a new part of your life. All you need to do is just to choose your new bag, isn’t it fun?


Do you know that one bag that’s too big for the gym, and the one that’s too small? You know how your laptop just doesn’t fit right? and those summer days you have to decide what’s not coming to the beach?

The new drawstring design is perfect for you and for all your activities. It is bigger than your common bag and has one big pocket to allow different uses and address all your needs. The outer shell is made of strong and heavy-weight fabrics of the highest quality, keeping the bag firm yet comfortable and most importantly, durable. When it’s empty, the bag is almost unnoticeable and feels different than your regular-sized backpack. When it’s in use, its size allows enough space to contain all the stuff you need, and then some.

You can use your Red Thread Bag anywhere, anytime and for anything. If you’re self-employed working with a laptop (up to 17”) but in need of a notebook with you; if it’s gym time and you have to fit a towel, sweats, sports shoes, that bottle of water and maybe even that protein shake; if it’s finally beach time and you have so much to take along with that book, sunglasses and probably shouldn’t forget your sunscreen; and even if it’s just mundane errands across the city so why don’t you get some of those groceries you wanted for dinner - Red Thread Bag will always be able to fit and hold your everything.

Red Thread Bag is made of 100% thick-cotton strong and durable strings. You can wear it any way you want - as a drawstring, hanging on your arms, or even as a tote or across the chest. Red Thread Bag is not just yours, it’s you. 

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