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Designed and hand made in Red Thread Bag studio located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.
Our new drawstring model has one extra large compartment fitting comfortably up to 11 liters. It is light weight and designed for around-the-clock activities such as: Gym or yoga (it can hold your shoes and clothes), fun beach day, working day in your favorite coffee place (it can fit a 17" laptop) or it can even hold your dreams.


Waxed Canvas things to know: The nature of the waxed canvas fabric is to change, fade and leave traces of folds on the fabric. During our process, bags might have light work and folding marks on them. Those marks will fade and combine with your new marks over time.

  • This is DeKalb

    - Med weight blue waxed canvas

    - Brown suede for durability

    - Floral printed cotton lining

    - High strength 1/4" cotton strings

    - Brass grommets

  • The new drawstring

    - Large size bag pack

    - Unisex modern clean cut

    - Light weight and easy to carry
    - Durable and functional design
    - Perfect for long day activities

  • More to know


    w17" X h20" approx

    w43 X h51 cm approx

    Color: As shown in image

    Cleaning: Wet cloth only

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